About me

12899465_1759374884294945_1932112442_o My name is Przemyslaw Piotr Damski. I am historian.

I specialize in diplomacy and international relations in 19th and 20th centuries.

I am an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business and International Relations at Vistula University (Warsaw, Poland) where I teach history of international relations.

I cooperated with Social Academy of Sciences in Lodz on the project supervised by University Siegen and entitled Colonisation and Decolonisation in National History Cultures and Memory Politics in European Perspective.

My first book „Najbliższe narody”. Stosunki brytyjsko-amerykańskie w dobie prezydentury Theodore’a Roosevelta (1901-1909), [‚The Closest Nations.’ British-American relations during the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-1909] gained both cybernauts’ and jury’s nomination in the plebiscite Historia zebrana in category ‚Under researcher’s eye’

Since 2006 I publish popular texts in the biggest Polish historical portal Histmag.org, and more lately in popular magazine Focus. Historia.

I have participated in several educational projects for children and teenagers supervised by Children’s University of Curious History Foundation and with Foundation for Humanities.

In my free time I write a historical blog Migawki z przeszłości.